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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Three Images.

As I sit here pondering the past year... many images come to mind... and isn't that natural since I tend to think in terms of photographs?

The image above is one that for sure sticks out in 2012. "Blue on Botanical" was juried into the Framations "Monochromatic" art show this summer in downtown St. Charles. This fall it sold at Zia Gallery in New Haven, MO. Am I getting rich? No... but that's not the point, the point is people saw this and loved it... and someone now has it hanging in their home. That is the HIGHEST compliment any one can get as an "artist" (I still chuckle at the thought of being called an artist). 

"Hopewell Cross" (above) is another image that remains in my mind from this past year. Not only does it have a personal connection for me because of the location (Big Piney, MO) and memories I have (sweet memories)... it's one that I have gotten positive feedback on. I was able to enlarge it on metallic paper and frame it for one of my aunts, too. It looks stellar on her wall. 

Lastly, there is this image I captured on a backroad near Lesterville, MO This image (in my opinion) typifies Missouri. Autumn in Missouri is my favorite time of the year. Crispness in the air you fight back with a little campfire. Bright colors shapes as leaves literally rain upon you as you walk in the woods or drive down country roads. Nature likes to put on a show for us here in Missouri come October and this year she did not disappoint. While this hasn't been enlarged to a 16X20 canvas (yet!) it has gotten a lot of nice feedback on my facebook page and it's one that I often think of when I close my eyes. Where does the road lead? Ahead. To where? Only time will tell! 

All images are available for order through MK Designs, just contact me for prices on notecards, postcards, framed/unframed prints and/or canvas wall art. 

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