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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer, Drive-In Movies, the Smokies, those 2016 goals, and more!

Oh, those Summer Days and Nights... 
Adventure Awaits. I loved our all-too-quick jaunt out east to the Smoky Mountains just a few days ago. From breath taking vistas to roaring waterfalls and mountain streams, the Smokies are quickly becoming one of my favorite places to be.

My daughter loves it, too.

On the way home, we broke up the drive by staying in northern Kentucky. We were WILDLY surprised when we saw that there was a legit drive-in movie theatre just under a mile from our KOA! This was Karlene's first drive-in movie experience and I loved sharing the moment with her. She even asked, "Mom, can we make this a tradition?" 
So, when in Calvert City, Kentucky - make sure you check out the Calvert Drive-In Theatre. I bet Karlene and I will be there again sometime soon!

Back to a few of those 2016 Resolutions...

Cooking. I watched one of those quickie social media cooking videos on facebook and thought, "Self, you can do that!" I grabbed some things from my fridge and modified what they had on the video...and here it is...BBQ Chicken Pizza Dippers that Karlene and I gladly soaked in ranch dressing. Healthy? No! Yummy? It was a home run!
Watching. Still loving the new episodes of "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix with my mom, but was even more stoked when I saw that "Rock the Kasbah" is now on Netflix. I love Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and just that whole kinda "quirky" movie vibe. I'll watch this one again, I bet. 
Reading. I finished "Grandma Gatewood's Walk" by Ben Montgomery. I cannot recommend it enough. It was an enjoyable read and I have the utmost admiration for this woman. I loved it so much, I loaned it to my mom. Great reads are meant to be shared, just like great movies. 

Now, I am nearly done with a book that caught my eye at our local library, "What I Learned When I Almost Died" by Chris Licht. 
While it isn't as enthralling for me as "Grandma Gatewood's Walk," I am still enjoying it. It's good light reading for the summer, but my eyes are already looking ahead to my next book. 

 On my last post, I mentioned that I feel I haven't been doing enough for my church. Many people want things to just "happen" without having to do the work. I've made some progress in this area. My friend Stephanie has let me step in and help with Youth. I have been sending daily scripture and uplift for the kids while she has been on a trip with her daughter. I have also been working on a little "event" with Stephanie we have scheduled for July. I have even found a former student who is going to assist us by giving her testimony.

Expanding. I am learning more and more about things like: 360 Video, hormones and how they impact health, team-building activities, reaching out to build relationships with people who are in positions to help scholastic journalism, and more. I feel like I am enjoying learning more than ever. I wish I had this kind of enthusiasm for knowledge when I was in high school, maybe my GPA would have been a little more impressive? 

Frustrations. I am going to express that I am a little bummed. I rarely offer discounts or sales on my Portrait Photography these days because I know my prices are VERY reasonable. However, in hopes of generating a little June business so it's not all in the fall, I am offering a great deal. Where's the clients? Come on, folks! 

Until next time, 
M of MK Designs