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Saturday, May 16, 2015

After the Rain... Comes the Light! ((A little Photography and Life Tip)): Robertsville State Park, Mo.

It's amazing how so many people fear "weather" when they are out with their cameras... or just out in general. 
Light is the river Photographers (and all humans) drink from. Light impacts our moods and, all too often, our plans. Same applies to weather. A little rain shouldn't ruin a day for anyone. 
This all came into play back in March on a very rainy Sunday. My daughter and I decided once it "let up a bit" to hit Robertsville State Park (a place we know well) for a stroll and for some quality time. Not many people were around. I've noticed so many people dodge "life" when it is wet outside. 

K(arlene) of MK Designs and I had a blast walking around and chatting it up, while clicking some photos. So what if it was a little damp? It made for some great images. 

If you like to click pics, then go for it. A little rain will make those images SING once it lets up a little. Also, once that rain is done, the light will come (even if briefly), and your mood will lift and your photos will take on a whole new vibe. 

So, the next time a little "weather" comes your way, get outside anyway. You like to shoot photos? Great! A little water shouldn't stop you. If you like to just "be" - that's great, also. Odds are you'll have a place to yourself because everyone else is sitting inside afraid of melting. 
May your days be blessed as they grow longer here in the Midwest. Summer, sweet summer, is on her way! 

And, if a little "storm" comes your way, don't be afraid. It will pass. It always does. Just takes a little cure called "time" to fix it. 
If you see any images you'd like to have on canvas, metal, wood, framed/unframed prints, contact me! 

~ Michelle of MK Designs
Spring 2015