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Saturday, February 1, 2014

I like being 40.

Love this. Shared with me online by Tracy.

On Jan 19 I hit the B I G 4 0. Between celebrating with family and friends, the "good times" rolled for nearly 8 full days! One big moment was when I had my "Sweet 16 Slumber Party" with ladies I have met from age 9 forward. I am pretty certain I had every decade of my life represented somehow.

Oh my. As Emily asked, "How much trouble can 10 women get into?"
Let's just say the "beverages" flowed as John Hughes films rolled, and so did a lot of laughter, tears, and cheers... it was an interesting night... 

1. As my friend Kris pointed out, no matter how old we were, what our backgrounds were, or our current circumstances - we are 10 women with good hearts. She said we were all honest, true to ourselves, and for sure had good souls. On that I totally agree. 

2. Molly Ringwald is still my hero.

3. My Sweet 16 was more fun at age 40 than at age 16. I am not kidding. 

4. I like being 40.

At this point, I am going to dive right into that statement.

I. Like. Being. 40.
My broadcast students made me a bday cake, with tech-enhanced candles! ha!  
It was totally unexpected. This was an age I slightly feared. The thought I am close to halfway done with my tour on earth... 

However, now I have arrived at 40 I feel more free than I have in my entire life. 

Yes, I have a job, a child, and responsiblities, but for the first time - I can make "big choices" without having to ask permission or "clear it" with someone else. 

I am sitting in a house that is really a home that I just purchased on my own last spring. I have "Betty" a gas-guzzlin' Ford Escape that I really enjoy that I also was able to get last spring - ON. MY. OWN. :-)

How did the feeling of "freedom" come about? 

I am not sure, but at 40 I feel more "free" to do and be what I want than I did when I was 16, 21, 30...

My mom worked hard to raise a self-sufficient adult, but for so long - I didn't feel like one. 

Some of my friends say it came from my current "single" status... but I am not sure if that is the real reason I feel "free" in many respects. 

I know that being single can be viewed by most women as a "lonely" thing - but I don't feel lonely often. In fact, it's like I thrive off it at times. 
It could have to do with the fact I am ok with being on my own. Even when I was married or in relationships, I could go out on my own to a movie or out to eat. I have traveled on my own, too - big trips for nearly a week by myself boppin' around out west. 
At 40 I feel like my photography is only getting better,
not the mess it was in my teens and 20's. My focus
is more clear. I see things I used to miss.
As an only child, I got used to having to entertain myself. Hobbies, friends, walking in the woods, chats with strangers, etc - all can fill my time. So can watching the clouds float by... and wondering what shapes they most look fact I could watch the sky for hours if the conditions are just right and never feel lonely or bored. 
Doesn't it look like God is trying to say something to us here?

The reality is this: even though I wish that chivalry was still alive at times, that some beautiful (on the inside!) artistic man would show up with a flower to take me out to dinner without any dishonorable hopes except to see me smile... I am ok. I can do what I want, when I want, and feel like I am on track to a pretty awesome next half of my life. 

And, I like being 40. 

I could turn 40 again and again.

Who knew it would be better than Sweet 16?

Thank you EVERYONE who helped me celebrate in person, or in spirit. 

Words and (most) images by Michelle of MK Designs Photography.