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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uh oh! ;-) I am coming up for air!

Pardon the lack of entries, but once again life is kickin' me upside the head... but in excellent ways.

Here's an update!

I found out I will be honored in San Diego... actually five of us High School Broadcast teachers from all over the US of A will be honored for what we do. I am just shocked and humbled over the whole situation.

With that said, the day job is in full swing... the spring Photo II students are impressing me constantly, my broadcast staffers are enjoying the fruits of their labor as they compete at regionals, state, and nationals... and when I see my students achieve - it does my heart so good!
These kids... I told them just today that
the BEST kids in our school walk into my
classroom daily... and I am pretty sure these are among
the BEST not just at our school, but in the
country! LOVE THEM.
As for photography? I think I've been making some interesting images. Been trying to "branch out" a bit with macro and more abstract/impressionistic type views.
Macro Fun! Got some extension tubes!
I've sold a few prints here and there, came up with a new postcard design for New Haven, Missouri -- and the best? Got to be a part of the Franklin County Area Photographers Birthday Bash/Photo Walk just a couple of weekends ago.
Macro/Impressionistic Fun at Astral Glass on the
FCAP Birthday Bash Photo Walk
On the homefront, it's been an adventure. Spending time with Karlene (my lovely kiddo), navigating the waters of relationships with friends (old and new) and family, and realizing that someone I've always had an admiration for may actually like me too. Who knew? ;-) (those shy ones are hard to read, folks - hard to read!)
Pizza Monkey Bread. The first attempt at it, and
dare I say... S U C C E S S ! ! ! 
Finally got a break at times in March to get out and
walk... and take in the Blue Skies! 
I am looking forward to some portrait sessions this spring, if Missouri even will thaw out, and to more chances to grow in photography. With that said, still working art shows! Have had more entries juried into several shows these past few months.
Work for two shows. One at Framations in St. Charles
the other at Soulard Art Market in... Soulard (STL). 
All in all, things are busy and blessed... but tonight is a prime example of the fact I could use some rest!

It's always a blessing when a friend can
figure out how to meet you for a day... my buddy Jen
lives in North Carolina. We get together when
we can, and it just so happened I ended my March
with a day visit from her! I loved it!
Thanks for reading and for following my work.

Bless you!
~ michelle of MK Designs - April 2014
Like a caption is needed here!