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Monday, January 14, 2013


I don't even pretend to be a wildlife photographer. The idea of camping out for hours, days, weeks, months - waiting for one fox family to pop out of a hole in the side of a hill or a elk to come into perfect view... it just doesn't fit my ADHD nature. However, I do sometimes get lucky.

Sometimes, my daughter notices a little critter on a flower, with a perfect sky as a backdrop... while other times a little turtle likes to make a home in my Grandma's flowers...

In the case below, as I walked around Mono Lake in Northern, CA - this little critter thought they were hidden from my view - so I was able to softly walk up and capture this moment in time. 

In the case of a vibrant duck on a half frozen lake, I cannot lie - this was courtesy of the St. Louis Zoo's 1904 birdcage. However, the slithering green creator of many screams below is courtesy of my friend Kathy's eye. As we walked around Paddy Creek in the Mark Twain National Forest, Mr. Snake caught her eye. I got closer. She did not. (She's always been a bit smarter than I am.) 

While wildlife photography isn't my first love and I certainly am not a pro at it, it's something that when chance meets me when I have a prepared mind and equipment in tow - I will pursue it. 

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Jan 2013.