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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer 2017: Lessons in Savoring the Moment

Today I took my daughter to register for the 7th grade. 

She's officially a Middle School student. 

We have jumped from this:

To this:

And, shortly after, we jumped to this: 
Because it is time to start a savings account for a sweet ride!

REWIND back to yesterday. I took my daughter, mom, and aunt on an adventure! 
We explored Meramec Caverns and Onodaga Cave. We squeezed another drop out of summer. 
What can really beat enjoying a hard-earned ice cream treat on a warm August day with the people who matter most to you? Not much actually. 
Summers fly by faster and faster each year I am alive. I remember them passing by slowly in my youth. 

I have memories of calling the school pretending to be my mom in order to find out who my teacher would be. (Sorry, mom!) Then, calling my friends to see if they would do the same. Would we all be in the same class? THAT was the big mystery to solve as we were twiddling our thumbs and counting down the days until we could see each other again.

I was always looking ahead, not enjoying the here and the now. Perhaps that is how it goes. Maybe that is what propels us towards adulthood? 

I just know that NOW I do my best to live in the moment and not wish it away. 

Because, before you know it, a beautiful moment is gone. Such as this one from camping and hiking with my daughter in 2013:
Now that I am on the flip side of it, days speed by. I can't have enough time off to enjoy moments with my daughter and other loved ones. 

This summer we had adventures in Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Illinois, Wisconsin and (right here) in Missouri. Not one second seemed to creep along slowly. They passed like a scene from the "Fast and Furious" movie franchise. 

However, there were some moments that did seem so beautiful that they slowed down just enough for me to savor them. Strangely enough, it reminds me of this scene from a Star Trek film I enjoy:
Time is indeed something we cannot control, but we can control our reactions to it. As for myself, all I can do is savor the moments where time briefly pauses for me to delight in what is in front of me. 

Watching my daughter walk in golden light near our KOA Campground in Spearfish, South Dakota

Marveling at the fact my daughter had no problem rushing ahead of me towards this view in the Badlands:
Sitting at a picnic table at our KOA in Onawa, Iowa...watching the wind and light upon my daughter's face, and thinking about just how beautiful she is:
Afterall, as the song goes, we "can't fence time." However, I do believe we can be more aware and recognize a moment that must be savored. 

Until next time,