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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walking Around... Hermann, Missouri

I am part of the Franklin County Area Photographers group. It's a great resource and fun way to get ideas, share tips, have a support system, and more. I am thankful Tyann Marcink set this up for all of us. One thing we also do are photo walks. We had one in early, early March in Hermann, Missouri.

One word: C O L D

Do you see Italy in the ice? I did! 

But it didn't stop me or any of the rest of us from clicking a few pics and enjoying a meal at Wings A Blazin' (I highly recommend this place).

Here's some of my personal favorites from the walk.

Define "dead" - this flower looks pretty "alive" to me!

This is my "window shopping" and if you look close enough and know
me well enough you'll see a lot of items that describe me well in this image. 

Harbor House - Complimentary Colors. Beautiful Decay. 

I do believe there's been MANY "Garage Sales" and "Wine Trails" papers
hung to this light pole - what do you think?

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March 2013. MK Designs Photography Fine Art and Portrait

Sunday, March 17, 2013

On... Love.

Pondering, of all things...


In "Sense and Sensibility" a tender-hearted woman throws caution to the wind - for love. Her lack of sense tells her to follow her heart...

Many promises made alone, flowers, and sweet words exchanged... 

Sunsets and promises shared...

Suddenly he chooses another... a more "sensible" choice... honoring his public persona he's created... a choice that leaves her alone - staring out the window - waiting for him to come back over the hill to see her once again...

He doesn't return, she falls to utter dispair, only to have her sister and a man who has secretly loved her from a distance pick her up and assure her that indeed it was not her, it was him. It was nothing wrong with her character, her love, her true inner self - he felt cornered into a choice, and he foolishly didn't choose her. 

Despite her broken heart, she slowly heals and learns the man who loved her from a distance, who helped pull her back up - was the stronger man and was worth a second glance. 

It ends with the girl marrying that man... with the other man who didn't choose her watching from the hill upon his horse full of regret for allowing his one chance of true love get away. 

- Jane Austin had her stuff together, didn't she? :)

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March 2013.