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Sunday, June 23, 2013

“The earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is it with our love affair with flowers?
Perhaps it's that no two really seem to be alike 
(like snowflakes and humans), or it's the fact
they wear colors that excite the eyes and 
release fragrant smells that delight the nostrils.
Monet said, "I must have flowers...always, always..." 
He poured so much into not only 
his paintings, but his gardens that inspired those 
pieces of art still admired today.
We grow them.
Give them.
Paint them.
Photograph them.
It's an industry in itself.
It's estimated nearly $2 billion is spent yearly
 on flowers for Valentine's Day alone! 
The floral industry in the USA was
$32.085 BILLION in 2011. 
A fact that shocked me at first.
After some thought, I decided to think about all the
gardens, nurseries, landscape businesses, etc.
just in my area where I live. There are so many!
Of course we love flowers and beautiful 
things in our yards, on vases on our tables... 
it just makes sense the industry is that huge in the 
USA, even in a poor economy.
I've been blessed to live close to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, 
and see other spots that have such beauty like the
Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina. I find flowers, trees, shrubs, etc
to be calming, beautiful, and very photogenic...
I must add, not one flower I have photographed
has seen themself in a photo and asked me to 
delete it. The fact they can't argue with how 
I photograph them - that's a bonus!

All words and images by MK Designs.

June 2013. Please do not copy without permission! 

Contact me if you'd like any of these images on canvas, framed/unframed prints, aluminum, notecards, or more!


  1. I would pick the first picture, no reason other than I think it is a beautiful picture!!

  2. I love the Brown Eyed Susan. It would look great in my new creative space. :-) My favorite flower is Sweet Peas. They smell so wonderful and remind my of my dear father-in-law.

  3. Susan Gay: I like the pink dogwood because it reminds me of Spring. When they bloom, I know that Winter is over.

  4. Oh, my comment from last night didn't show up :( Anyway- I like the wilting rose. For some reason I have a thing for wilting flowers. Weird, I know :)

    1. Did you see the image of the wilted ones I TORCHED in the name of art and a wee bit of anger I photographed? I put it on facebook. LOVE THEM! Lol BURNING ROSES! ha! I like wilted flowers too. Decay can be lovely.

  5. The yellow one with the blue back ground is gorgeous !!!! I would love that one

  6. I would have a difficult time choosing between the beautiful blue ones in the first pic and the black (or brown) eyed Susan's in the third - the colors are gorgeous and they just look so summery. I have multiple places either one would look fabulous!!
    Kim s

  7. I love the 3rd photo down (brown eyed susan)! Its just a really pretty picture and would cheer up any room or space. :)

  8. I LOVE the brown eyed susan photo! It would cheer up any room or space.