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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Staring at the Walls on a Saturday Night!

OK, so I said 2017 was the year that I was going to get off my a$$ and do things my future self would thank me for. 

For the first half of 2017, I really aimed for that goal. I explored with my daughter and made some amazing memories, especially when we visited South Dakota - a first for both of us! I also did things like this kitchen project pictured below:
Painting my kitchen and downsizing some of the collectibles made a huge difference. It feels more "open" and light. This is something that I am indeed thanking myself NOW for doing back then! 
The VERY pale blue (almost white) walls were not the biggest challenge of the project. Installing the old-school metal tin-type back splash was a unique experience to say the least! However, I am super-proud of how it came out. I am also pleased to say that minus watching some "how to" videos and borrowing some supplies, I did this all by myself. 
Beyond home repairs, I started off the year by buying walking passes to Shaw Nature Reserve. Thanks to my jaunts at Shaw, various State Parks, and the roads in and around my hometown, I really was starting to feel a whole lot better on many levels. 

Sadly, in September it slowed down due to more work obligations. From there it only got worse. Most of October and November I was home coughing and sneezing thanks to a prolonged Fall allergy season in Missouri this year. Walking, doing home improvement projects, or even updating this blog just seemed to fade into the allergy-induced haze.
It wasn't all horrible. I did get out on some drives to enjoy the Fall colors here in Missouri, but now I am sitting here realizing that for about four months, I've really slowed down and am missing the better physical and emotional health I feel when being active. 

So, here I sit on a Saturday night pondering it all. Clearly, I am kicking myself a little hard thinking about all the walks I did not take the past few months. I hope that before 2017 is over I'll make it on a few trails. 

And, I am looking at the walls in my front room. They are the last few in the house that need to be painted since I purchased the home a few years back. I have had the paint color selected since August. I hope to start on that project sooner than later, too. Lighten, brighten, and downsize some of the "clutter." (Honestly, do I really need this many things to dust?)

Perhaps now that I have put both items out here publicly for any and all to see - it will make me more accountable. Ultimately, the fact my Fall allergies aren't raging because it's starting to feel more like WINTER in Missouri could be the REAL reason the before-mentioned happens! But if you guys can hold me to it, that's really appreciated.

2017 isn't quite over and I'd like to get back on track.

Until next time, 
M of MK Designs