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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Out and About and Livin' the Insta-Dream

As you can see, I jumped on the Instagram train with my photography. It's been interesting. I've gotten fun feedback (and some spammers) and inspiration. 
FUN FACT: KOA (the amazing Kamping experience) liked one of my photos on Instagram so much they used it (with my permission) on their feed! 
Instagram has "opened my eyes" to what is trending in photography...and in life! Apparently living with less, flannel and coffee-filled mornings, hiking, van life, and car camping are all in style. Who knew? 
I think some of what I see is a very glossy view of it, but I have found a few free-spirited true souls to follow and I enjoy how they are living life. It's certainly expanded my view. 

As far as the whole "getting off my a$$ in 2017" and getting outside more, it's a work in progress. Things like weather, work, and a nasty stomach bug that had me down for ages REALLY cut into the exploring on two feet goal. 
Today was a gem at least... weather, work, and health were on my side. It was a fun Saturday of hauling off aluminum, running other errands, doing school work, and picking up a TON of sticks and limbs! When it's so nice outside in February you can have a fire pit with marshmallows to celebrate a job well done, that's a special day indeed.
Once the chores were done, it was a great opportunity to use that "walking pass" I purchased for Shaw Nature Reserve. We got in a little over an hour and luckily made it back to the car right before they closed the gates for the evening. 

Here's where today's walk took us:
We tried to explore areas we hadn't walked on our two previous hikes. Since we were pressed for time, I feel like we didn't stop to look around enough. Despite being rushed, I did click a few pictures (of course). 

I hope you had a great day, too. And, as always, thank you for stopping by. Your support of what I do is greatly appreciated!

~ M of MK Designs Photography