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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Letting Go... Moving Forward...

I saw beauty on a walk with my mom a few weeks ago.

Today - I am feeling a bit reflective & this is more of a "personal" blog entry than my usual.

Perhaps it's one of the following things (or all of them?)

- I am about to turn 40.
Me - Hair tame, Hair Wild, Love my Child, &
Walks in the Wood (camera in tow!)
- My daughter is becoming a young woman right before my eyes.
This fall before a wedding. I was blown away!
- I recently had my "love life" turned upside down by someone who by all accounts I shouldn't care so much for anymore, but retraining the heart after decades of thinking pretty fondly of someone - that doesn't work - does it? (I think most family and friends would prefer me to go "Miranda Lambert" on him. ha!)
Flowers - on at least 3 occassions I was
showered with roses. :)
- I am watching so many people I love age, but what Stevie Nicks sang rings true... "I am getting older too..."
My dear friend Christy just turned 40. I joke
she'll always be older than me... but WOW.
Weren't we just 17 / 18 and running around
Mary's Home, Missouri?!?! 
Maybe those are all factors... but - I am starting to let go of a lot of possessions and "things" that have lost their use in my life. They no longer bring joy or serve a purpose, and sometimes feel like dead weight.

#1. My Car. It had bittersweet memories and beginnings... and a tragic run with constant issues. It's like it had a target on it for anything and anyone to damage it. The car is gone. And, now it's time for "Betty" to be on the scene.
Me and Betty - my new to me 2011 Ford Escape.
Fitting because I love to Escape! 
#2. My House. My exhusband and I built together in our 20's. Now it's just Karlene and I... and it's just not the "space" that feels good for us.
Beautiful little house, I am a bit sad to say Farewell to.

I had been looking at homes for years... and found one just up the hill and to the left that I adored last summer... but I kept talking myself out of it until someone talked me into it. While he may be gone now, I see that "push" is what I needed.
Almost double the square foot, beautiful "bones", and
I can't go on enough about the backyard and space!
Right now I am packing like a wild woman, selling & donating & trashing things I no longer need or use - because after months it would appear I have a buyer for my home and the home up the hill and to the left will (Lord-Willing!) be mine in just a few weeks!?
52 boxes packed, countless items donated - trashed - or sold!
It's a start for sure. - "Cheers" to Betty! 
I don't want to literally "burn" my past, because
it has defined me and I think "me" is pretty ok
when she's not having her "Miranda Lambert"
moments... but it's time to move on. 
Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, and know that if you ever feel the urge to pack, purge, lift, haul, or more... your chance could happen in the next few weeks!

Images (most of them) and all words -  by MK Designs Photography - Please do not reproduce without permission.

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  1. Love you:) I'm gonna have to come up and see you!!

    1. Which Shannon is this? - either way, YES I am all for friends/company!

  2. Take photographs of the stuff you think you'll miss. I bet in a few years you'll wonder why you took some of those photos :) Good luck!

    1. Excellent tip Juli - I know you're doing that with some of your things as you downsize! :)

  3. Best of luck. Moving can be stressful but change is invigorating!

    1. Who is this? Leave your name for the drawing! :)

  4. I hope that I can take at least one piece of furniture off your hands! :) Jennifer

  5. Starting over is never easy. Clearing things out helps me clear my head. 1st Peter 5:7 is a favorite of mine. Good luck on your new journey.

    1. Who is this? So you can be entered in the drawing? :)

    2. Rena sent the Ipeter post.

    3. 1st Peter comment is from Rena.

  6. Congrats on your new house & car! I love change! Hopefully you get all settled in soon :)

    Toni Dougherty

  7. Love the house. I also love looking at houses, & hope one day the one I really want goes up for sale HA....

  8. Moving on is tough...but you are becoming a better and stronger person!!! Best of Luck!
    Angel Brown