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Sunday, August 25, 2013

We All Shine On... (Like the Moon)

For a Photo Challenge - Summer 2013. This
was liked so much by one of my fans
she used it in honor of her father. 
As summer 2013 slips into fall... I am honestly super excited. :) Fall is my favorite season. It even has a special smell to it.
Love it when the moon has a haze/glow!
Image made in 2010, one of my
FIRST accidental "good" moon shots!
I love moonlit fall nights, out by a fire, in my hoodie, listening to music or to just the sounds of the night.
Robller Winery. In the Fall. Love it!
New Haven, MO
Which leads me to this... one of my first goals was to get "good" at photographing the moon. I've improved at it greatly and now have other challenges to face: star trails and lightning. Those last two are quite a challenge, as was photographing the moon at first.
SuperMoon! 2012. Union, MO
There were times I honestly felt my camera had gremlins hidden within it to vex me. I'd get white dots of blur. I'd get camera shake so bad it looked like some ghostly orb, not the moon I enjoy so much!
Couldn't get the moon so I
just went for moonlight!
Union, MO a few summers ago.
I started to realize it wasn't the camera, it was the LIGHT that the moon puts forth. I was having my exposure too long and not treating the moon as the bright object she is! In time, I figured it out. Faster shutter speeds. Tighter MANUAL focusing. Patience! Those three "BINGO" moments helped me become less angry with the process and more happy with the results. 
Did this at the urging of several of my friends
August 2013 in Union, MO near my house. 
Now if someone tells me the moon is fantastic and I should go "get it" - I can because I know what settings to put my camera on and the steps to take. Granted, there may be about 100 images and I have to select the "best" of them (and trust me, they are not all pretty!) but I can get the shot I desire.
Hermann MO - Fall 2012. Beautiful Moonrise.
Now if I can just master star trails and lightning! ha! But until I get to those next challenges, I am going to relish in the fact photographing the moon no longer vexes me... I have it figured out.
Moon in Aug 2013 with a quote I LOVE.

All words and images by MK Designs Photography Fine Art and Portrait. 

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August 2013.


  1. Every moon is different like the hearts of man. Sometimes it brings everything to light so you can see even the smallest imperfections and sometimes it hides its self fromt he world.

    1. Nice John - I may use that in my next project ;)

  2. Beautiful Pictures MK, Your an amazing photographer, I dont think ive seen a pic of yours that i didnt love.

    1. Well you don't see the ones I delete :) lol tha k you so much!

  3. The Hermann picture is stunning.

    1. I was out geocaching and taking photo with my daughter - God put me in the right place at the right time! Lol

  4. I love taking pictures of the moon however i guess i need a better camera cause it ends up looking like just a big splotch lol. I'll save the professional stuff to the professional lol.

    1. If you can control your shutter speed and iso, that can help!

  5. I love moon reflection pictures on water. Do you have any pics like that?

  6. Hmm I take this as a challenge. I need to do this sometime! lol :-)