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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A 2016 Grade Card: How did I do?

In 2016 I set out on a mission to follow this statement: "I want to be a woman who overcomes obstacles by tackling them in faith instead of tiptoeing around them in fear."
I declared that at least once a month, if not more, I would face the following obstacles with faith and not fear. 

So, how did I do? Here's my official grade card.

Cooking. B
I could have done better, but this was a HUGE improvement! Cheers to that! (PS This image is from a great little summer trip with my friend Jen!) 
Watching. B+
My Netflix finally paid for itself in 2016. I found new shows, movies, etc. to check out. I even decided to figure out what I could watch on Hulu and guess what? I found things on Hulu to enjoy! 

Oh, and I actually recommend the Tina Fey movie "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot." It is NOT a comedy in my opinion (like advertised originally), but that's ok. I just watched it over Christmas Break and loved it. 
Reading. A+
I read more books in 2016 than I have read in the past 6 (or more) years combined. It was a pleasure to rediscover my love for reading. Forcing myself to slow down and enjoy a book has helped me on many levels. I am currently reading a novel by the title of "The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend." My aunt Sarah suggested and loaned it to me. I am normally a non-fiction reader, but this one is interesting. 
Finishing. B-
My health had me "drained" for over half of 2016, so this didn't live up to my "hopes." However, I did finish a mosaic that was juried into an art show (gave myself a little extra credit on that to push my score to a B-). Also, in November and December I got my "omph!" back and finally tackled my laundry room and lower level bathroom that I had been meaning to update all year. Painting, redoing cabinets, new lights, etc. It's been an adventure! Goodbye yellowish brown and hello "moose antler." (Who comes up with some of these paint names?)

Uplifting. C+
Again, because over half of 2016 I was feeling pretty low due to some health issues, I didn't get to reach out to as many people as I had planned. I had the bar set high and I feel I could have done way better. However, when I did reach out to uplift others, I gave it my all. And, I learned that sometimes it's ok to admit you are the one in need of the "uplifting" because you aren't 100%. Below is a photo of one of those moments when I apparently needed some uplift in my life, so my student took charge of the situation. 
Expanding. A-
I have learned about all kinds of new things! I have been able to accomplish more because of the fact I have focused on expanding my knowledge and skill set about a variety of topics. It's ok to be a student at any age! 

Speaking of learning, look at that photo of the fireworks. I finally figured it out and I didn't have to contact my buddy Tyann for help over the summer! 

2017 is what's my next move? 
I have an idea of what all I hope to accomplish in 2017. Some are based upon what I missed out on in 2016 because of being laid up on a couch so much. I'll share that "plan" in time, but for now I do want to thank those of you who enjoy my photography, my ramblings, etc. It means a lot to me. Sometimes I am not sure why I keep up this little blog, but then someone comments on the blog (or to my face) about something I have shared... then I realize that this does matter to some folks out there! 

I am going to leave you with a moment in which I smiled a LOT in 2016. Look at all those sand dollars I found while my daughter danced in the waves!
Have a great New Year!
~ M of MK Designs