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Sunday, May 29, 2016

These Days: A Little Recap of My 2016 Goals: Cooking, Watching, Reading, Finishing, Uplifting, and Expanding!

It's been awhile, so... remember my 2016 Resolutions?

BACK TO...Cooking. Watching. Reading. Finishing. Uplifting. Expanding. 

Cooking. I have not done well at this lately. However, I have been willing to try new recipes and consume vegetables that I have previously avoided. I have realized that I like cauliflower steamed with cheese and also with a buffalo seasoning. It really is almost as good as buffalo chicken wings!
Watching. I am excited that there are new episodes of "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix. My mom and I enjoyed the first season and it appears season two is going to be just as fun. 
Reading. I just finished "Generation iY" by Tim Elmore. I have asked my friend, Katie, if I can keep it a little longer to take a few notes and do some more research. It is a God-send. 
Reading (continued). I am now working on reading the book "Grandma Gatewood's Walk" by Ben Montgomery. I am ripping through it at a fast clip thanks to the combo of being on summer break and it's just that good of a read. I am thankful my friend, Kara, loaned it to me!
Finishing. I am SO close on finishing some new flower bed projects and cleaning up some old ones, I can't stand it! I am also SO close to finally finishing that mosaic project AND culling/editing my photos from Yellowstone/Tetons trip last's almost silly. I will be happy once I can check those off my to-do list. 

Uplifting. Lately I have been feeling that more and more people WANT things done for them, but don't want to be the one digging in and doing the WORK that helps make those things happen. One example is at my church. Many who attend want things to just "happen" without having to do the work. So, today I decided to step out of my role as one of those individuals that just wants to be served and try to be someone who helps with the serving.

I signed up to get donations and help a little with our upcoming VBS, offered to help with our communications team, and reached out to my friend, Steph, to see if I can help with our Youth Group. 

Did I bite off more than I can chew? Not sure I did, actually. I think these are small things I can do for people who have given so much to me. I did feel pretty excited when three people were thankful for the little things I did and offered. 

I think if more of us would work towards serving others instead of always being served, the world (and even my little church) would be a much better place. 

Expanding. I am taking the time to learn more about the duties of my county assessor and what actions we can take when said elected official messes up big time. Why? Well, the school district I work for (and all schools in our county) were not given the proper estimate for tax revenue. It wasn't just a "little" off, let's just leave it at that. So, I am learning to find my voice and figuring out what channels that voice needs to use to report the injustice that has happened in our county. 

On that note, I find this fitting:

As I continue this journey, do you have any suggestions for me? 

What should I be...Cooking, Watching, Reading, or Expanding? 
Do you have any ideas for people or groups I can "uplift," because I am open to those, too!

Until next time, 
~ M of MK Designs
March 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Going on a Photo Hunt (4)

This is my final Photo Hunt for the Spring Semester (2016) Photo II classes at Washington High School. Shooting the same assignments that I gave my students has been a fun challenge. Scroll back on the blog to see the other Photo Hunts. As always, thank you for visiting the photo blog. 
Red White and Blue - Patriotic
Pop Art
Square Crop - Color Collage - "Yellow"
Emotion - "Tyler: the Video Guy!" 
Emotion #2 - "Amber & Jacob's Big Day"
Wildcard  - "Macro"
Abstract #1 
Abstract #2 - "Georgia O'Keefe Inspired"
Re-Creation - "Zoey and Karlene"
School Spirit