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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Going on a Photo Hunt. Part Two.

I am doing the same photo assignments this Spring 2016 semester as my Photo II students. Here's Photo Hunt #2. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them. 
I am Obsessed With... 
Light Painting
Night #1 (street motion blur & bokeh combo)
Night #2 (architecture)
Fruity Bubbles 
Weather (rain)
Black and White / Contrast
Weather (frost)
PS Huge "shout out" to my friend Kris for dealing with me and my night photo assignment! I always seem to get nice shots when she's along. When I am rich and famous - she's hired! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

February FLEW past me...A continuation of my New Year's Goals for 2016

BACK TO...Cooking. Watching. Reading. Finishing. Uplifting. Expanding. 

Cooking. Didn't get into new dishes in February, but did work on some that I am yet to perfect. Made my second "stew" and this time was bold enough to share it with my family. Also, tried shredded chicken tacos again. I am so glad I am figuring out how to use my crockpot for more than chili! 

Watching. I hit the Netflix jackpot this past month! These are all suggestions from co-workers and students. 
Meet the Patels is an A+ in my book. I enjoyed this film so much, I had my mom come over and watch it with me on my second viewing. It is both educational and entertaining. I recommend it to anyone. 
The Road Within has some charm, despite the horrid language that even kinda got under my skin and I cuss like a sailor! I would give it a B. I do want to point out that the "language" stems from a character's mental health issues. I do like that this film takes a hard look at many things like OCD, Anorexia, and more. 
And, Fuller House may not be "grade worthy," but when I watch the episodes this warm blanket of nostalgia wraps itself around me. I kinda like it. Maybe it's like that last minute extra credit assignment that you try to do? Ha! 

Reading. I just finished Larry Hagman's autobiography "Hello Darling." It was a very enjoyable read and I passed it on to my mom. Larry certainly LIVED his life to say the least! 
Currently, I am on Chapter 3 of a book titled "Generation iY." My friend and guidance counselor at my school, Katie Sandoval, both suggested and loaned me this must-read. It's helping me understand SO MUCH about this current generation we are dealing with in our society. 

Finishing. I am still attempting to make sense of the mosaic project that I have mentioned several times. I have the first layer totally in, but feel there are holes to fill in. With a little bit more time, I think it will be "photo worthy" for the blog! 

Uplifting. I am so happy that some of the people I am trying to uplift are seeing some results. For example, one girl I have tried to help along the way was just honored by the national Journalism Education Association as the Missouri State High School Journalism Student of the Year! Now, she and I get to work more on her portfolio to help her on the national level. Seeing her smile and joy is so worth it. 
On another note, I also sent a homemade gift to my friend in Texas to thank him for his friendship and for letting me stay with him this past fall. I think he was very excited. His text to me thanking me for it made me feel so good. Uplifting others is so rewarding. Making sure we express our gratitude is something everyone needs to work on (myself included). I like this part of my 2016 Goals. 

Here is an uplift for anyone reading this right now. I stumbled upon these points of scripture at church today, and it's something I really want to put into practice more in my life. 
Expanding. I will finally admit I am trying to expand my wardrobe. Don't panic. I am not totally going to break the bank or destroy my beloved t-shirts and hoodies!

I did a free trial for a clothing rental company and I like it. So, I went ahead and paid for another month. This could be something I keep doing if it keeps going well. I go online, build my closet, they send me items as I return them, and postage is included. I can have three items out at once. I hate shopping and this seems like a way to freshen up my clothing options, dress up more, and not spend an excessive amount of bank. I didn't think I'd enjoy this as much as I am. 

So, do you have any suggestions for me? What should I be...
...Cooking, Watching, Reading, or Expanding?
I am always open to suggestions!  

Until next time, 
~ M of MK Designs
March 2016