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Sunday, June 23, 2013

“The earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is it with our love affair with flowers?
Perhaps it's that no two really seem to be alike 
(like snowflakes and humans), or it's the fact
they wear colors that excite the eyes and 
release fragrant smells that delight the nostrils.
Monet said, "I must have flowers...always, always..." 
He poured so much into not only 
his paintings, but his gardens that inspired those 
pieces of art still admired today.
We grow them.
Give them.
Paint them.
Photograph them.
It's an industry in itself.
It's estimated nearly $2 billion is spent yearly
 on flowers for Valentine's Day alone! 
The floral industry in the USA was
$32.085 BILLION in 2011. 
A fact that shocked me at first.
After some thought, I decided to think about all the
gardens, nurseries, landscape businesses, etc.
just in my area where I live. There are so many!
Of course we love flowers and beautiful 
things in our yards, on vases on our tables... 
it just makes sense the industry is that huge in the 
USA, even in a poor economy.
I've been blessed to live close to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, 
and see other spots that have such beauty like the
Biltmore Gardens in North Carolina. I find flowers, trees, shrubs, etc
to be calming, beautiful, and very photogenic...
I must add, not one flower I have photographed
has seen themself in a photo and asked me to 
delete it. The fact they can't argue with how 
I photograph them - that's a bonus!

All words and images by MK Designs.

June 2013. Please do not copy without permission! 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

I love...

I love hearing my step-father laugh as he watches a Mel Brooks movie (who doesn't love Mel Brooks!??!)

I love being surrounded by water... not submerged... but surrounded...

I love to dip my toes in a spring-fed creek.

I love my family and friends.

I love the many hats I wear in my life.

I love having a nice little "jolt" that makes me remember: there's more to love than to not love in life... so enjoy it. 

So I've decided time for a little - Less bitchin' and more fishin' 
- as the song goes! :)

All words and photos by MK Designs, except Mel Brooks Spaceballs :)

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June 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lake of the Ozarks State Park 2013

In April I was able to help celebrate my friend's 40th birthday in Eldon, MO.

I can't be that close to a state park with weather like that and not go take a look.

In this case, it was a park I have been to many times over the years: Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

The difference was that this time I took my daughter. She loved the water! The waves splashing over the rocks near the Public Beach resulted in a lot of giggles!
The waves were KICKIN' :)
We decided a hike was in order and we hit Fawn's Ridge Trail (marked yellow) opting for the 1.25 mile loop.
Spring was starting to show herself in the woods near the Lake.
The hike was pretty easy, some gentle ups and downs... until the end. The steps leading back out had my happy girl a little annoyed with me, but it was worth it. Once we reached the top - 4 deer ran past us! Naturally, my camera was off and not at hand! If only I had known... isn't there a quote about hindsight? ha!
It's easy to turn off the treadmill and give up, but on a hike - not the case! 

I love our Missouri State Parks, maybe more than I love Photography! (shhh, don't tell!)

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All images and words by MK Designs - Published June 2013. Please do not copy without permission!