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Monday, September 10, 2012

Behind the scenes... "Sunset in the glass"

"Your camera takes good pictures" - to which I want to say something like, "Well, that stove makes great meals" - I hate it when people put more emphasis on the "equipment" than the artist...

So, with that said, this artist is sunset obsessed. Catching a sunset in a glass was a goal I'd had for years. Then I finally "got" it. How to make it happen "clicked" in my mind.

Take these ingredients: beautiful sunset, glass (with liquid in it or condensation), a camera YOU can control (in my case the handy Canon Rebel), a good eye for manual focus (do not trust auto focus!), the ability to bracket shots, a steady hand or tripod, and last but not least - FLASH OFF!

I also can't stress enough UNDERSTANDING your camera... This article is so helpful.

And, that little thing called COMPOSITION - The "rule of thirds" is valuable to know too... but that's something I hope to cover later.

Just know the more you learn to control your camera - YOUR TOOL to record light - the happier you'll be with your images... and it doesn't have to be a sunset in a glass, it could be of your child's birthday party or summer camping trip.

All words and images by Michelle of MK Designs.

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