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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walking Around... Hermann, Missouri

I am part of the Franklin County Area Photographers group. It's a great resource and fun way to get ideas, share tips, have a support system, and more. I am thankful Tyann Marcink set this up for all of us. One thing we also do are photo walks. We had one in early, early March in Hermann, Missouri.

One word: C O L D

Do you see Italy in the ice? I did! 

But it didn't stop me or any of the rest of us from clicking a few pics and enjoying a meal at Wings A Blazin' (I highly recommend this place).

Here's some of my personal favorites from the walk.

Define "dead" - this flower looks pretty "alive" to me!

This is my "window shopping" and if you look close enough and know
me well enough you'll see a lot of items that describe me well in this image. 

Harbor House - Complimentary Colors. Beautiful Decay. 

I do believe there's been MANY "Garage Sales" and "Wine Trails" papers
hung to this light pole - what do you think?

All images by MK Designs - see my website at and like me on Facebook. 

For more information about Franklin County Area Photographers: look them up on Facebook or see their blog:

March 2013. MK Designs Photography Fine Art and Portrait


  1. Awesome pictures ... Yes, everyone should experience Wings-A-Blazin' ... and there are a plethora of yard sale and Wine Trail flyers year round. =)

    I am a local web designer in town and love the atmosphere here. Thanks for posting pix of this beautiful little city.

    1. Thank you - if you're ever in need of photographs - let me know - I have many from Hermann & the area ;)