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Monday, May 13, 2013

Franklin County Area Photographers ROCK!

I have to say I am in love with this little "network" that Tyann Marcink started. It's Franklin County Area Photographers.
My entry for FCAP April 2012 Photo Hunt
"Three" - I still love this image, even though
I should not have touched this "leaf" lol :)

We take photo walks, share tips and images online through Facebook and more, and also do monthly scavenger/photo hunts.

"Tracks" an image I got last summer for the Photo Hunt.
Printed this on metallic paper and had it juried into
TWO shows. I never would have looked for this
image if I had not had my "list" for the photo hunt!
Thank you FCAP! 

Those hunts have helped push me to see the world more and has done the same thing for my daughter. Karlene may only be 8, but she participates and really enjoys the hunts, especially when she actually "wins" from time-to-time.

"Nose" by Karlene at age 7 for the
September 2012 FCAP Photo Hunt.
This one just cracked me up! :)
It's ok to be funny with photos!

I love that FCAP helps people of all ages and skill levels learn to see the world and look for unique shots. Afterall, the vast "purpose" of photography (in my humble opinion) is learning to see. 
The very first FCAP Hunt I took part in...
"Shadows" - this one stumped me, but with
the right light streaming through the
right lace - you can get some interesting
effects. Not my "normal" shot at all. 
Do you want to learn more about FCAP? Look up Franklin County Area Photographers on Facebook or see their blog:

For more information about my (and Karlene's) work - look up MK Designs Photography / Fine Art and Portrait on Facebook or simply go to my website:

All words and images by MK Designs, please do not copy or "borrow" without permission. 2013.


  1. Susan Gay: I like the golden colors in the first photo.

  2. The sunset picture is incredible! Also really like the foot prints in the sand.

  3. My stepson would love that pencil sharpener lol
    Toni Dougherty

  4. Awesome photos! Great angles!

    Lisa Jeffs

  5. The red canoe sitting by the river says summer in mid-Missouri.

    1. Ellen, mid missouri or southern mo! I always think Current and Jacks Fork, too! :)

  6. i have to agree the red canoe speaks to me

    deb washingon

  7. Ryan menze union

  8. I thought I had commented earlier, but don't see it. I'll say again that I love the red canoe!