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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's Get Lost Somewhere...

Finally really "feeling" my favorite season kick in here in Missouri... and today as I came out from a nearly 11 1/2 hour "hibernation" it hit me... I wanted to go explore. 

I posted this on facebook as I woke from my slumber...
Literally, within a few minutes, my friend Christy texted me. 
"What are you doing today?" (and NO she hadn't seen what I'd posted on facebook just minutes before!) 

Soon, it came to us deciding to get out my map and figure out what was between us that we could find and "get lost" in the woods together! 
Canaan Conservation Area was the ticket!

She came up from Eldon, MO and I came from Union, MO and we literally pulled on to the road to the area from opposite directions at the same time. Priceless.
We took her buddy Taz out with us on at least two miles of walking up and down hills. 

We drove around the area a bit, and decided since it was dinner time, perhaps some snacks and a little quick livation at a winery nearby would be the perfect reward for our day. 

Wenwood Farm Winery was the perfect choice. They even dealt with us running in right at closing time with Taz. 

It was a lovely day and only inspired me to get home and work on a project for an upcoming show in Owensville based on Gasconade County, Mo. I came up with this, and just need to figure out what format to print: canvas, paper, or... there's actually lots of options.

What a great day here in Missouri. Monday is going to be a kick in my rear, but this weekend was priceless! 

MK Designs - Sept 2014

PS Thank you for visiting and for your support, but please don't steal my work. If you want to order something, let me know! :-)

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