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Monday, October 27, 2014

What does the "K" stand for? And can she use a camera? ;-)

It is technically MK Designs. I am Michelle Anne "K" in that... but if you know me, you know there's a K that has changed my life for the better. Her name is Karlene and she's my daughter. This year she's in 4th grade and loving her teacher and school. 
Karlene made me hold this leaf for her... just right in the light. 
Karlene actually is good with a camera. She started clicking photos when she was about 5. It does bum me out that she's slowed down BIG TIME because she really does have a good eye for it. 

These are a few she took this summer at the Washington (Mo) Riverfront Trail.
See Mr. Frog? She did a little "Frog Stalking" 
She knows how to get close to her subject... and how to look for light. 
I watched Karlene wait for Mr. Frog to hop into the light! 
She's so good at following the Rule of Thirds, and honestly - she doesn't even know what that means. She doesn't even have a camera that shows the Rule of Thirds grid when she shoots. 
She somehow knows that dead-centering things isn't the best thing to do for composition. She also isn't afraid to get close to a bug! Good little photographer! :-)
I love how she looks all over for interesting perspectives and angles. 
Trees covered in vines...
Karlene may not take as many photographs as she did a few years ago, but when she does, I am always impressed with what she sees and how she captures it with a little camera. I highly encourage any of you to let your kids experiment with photography... no matter how young they are. It will really help you see the world as they see it. 
More of the trees covered in lush green vines along the Riverfront Trail in Washington, Mo.
Photos by the K of MK Designs. Do not copy or print without permission. 

If you'd like to order any prints, all $ will go directly to Karlene's Pokemon Fund. 

MK Designs 2014. 


  1. Madelynne likes to snap some photos from time to time as well. Good Job, K!

  2. She is certainly a chip off the ol' block :) christy kempker

  3. The tree covered in vines is my favorite in this post!