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Monday, October 26, 2015

What Shows Up On Your Screen?

After a full 3 hours of geocaching, backroad adventure seeking, and trail walking, I was more than ready for rest Sunday night. Yet, to be honest, those 3 hours were a great "rest" from the jam-packed life I seem to lead these days. 
Once bedtime arrived, I asked my kiddo to lead prayers. She thanked God for the beautiful sunset we saw after our walk in the woods at Robertsville State Park. THAT made me feel good, like maybe I am doing something right.

Throughout this past weekend my daughter has told me how kids in her class say they feel sorry for her because of her apparent lack of electronics. Apparently her handheld DS & the iPad my mom allows her to use just aren't enough in today's world. 
For the record, I am ok with her not fitting in today's tech-crazed society. As a ten-year-old, I think she needs less screen time and more time with good books (that don't glow), her pets, nature, educational tv shows, family, travel, charitable work, art projects, etc. There is so much to fill a life with that an X-box can't even begin to hold.

All the studies I read state kids (and adults!) need more time in the woods, at a park, near nature, and time unplugged from the "glow" of a screen. 
Yes, my kiddo and I use technology to guide us on geocaching adventures and to document our escapades, but I would like to think we use it to enhance our lives; not escape them. When I notice we've strayed away from reality, I make an effort to unplug and get out. 
As we left the park Sunday night, my daughter joked that she bet some of her classmates didn't get to see the sunset because it wasn't on the screen in front of them. She says a camera or a windshield often has better views than screens do, but this is still the same kid who is jealous she has classmates who already have Facebook at age 10 and I am NOT letting that happen. 
I feel for her. I actually do. However, I would like to hope this is the right path for her. 

What are your thoughts on screen time and electronics for kids (and adults)? Am I just being old-fashioned, or is there something to the whole "unplug and get outside" movement?
Thanks for reading, and as always - I appreciate you stopping by! 
~ M of MK Designs 


  1. I agree with you. Too few children know the joys of nature and the fun of playing outside. I believe you are being a good, responsible parent by raising her the way you are. I have a feeling years from now we will fully understand (when it's too late) the detrimental impact our digital age has had on our society. Life on Earth did not flourish this long because of the presence of synthetic materials, but because of their absence. I like the photos.

    1. I can't thank you enough for your kind words / encouragement here!

  2. Although I am not the outdoorsy type, I do feel a relief when I get away from my phone or computer to work with my hands. And, yeah, I guess getting outside sometimes is okay, too. haha! Gotta get that Vitamin D :) Great post!

    1. Yeah that Vitamin D is good! And I agree that creating with hands is a good thing!