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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wine. (Robller in New Haven, MO)

I've always been in love with this location and their wine... and for sure the folks who run the place. Robert and Lois found the ideal location for their "retirement" (seriously? is a winery really "retirement" - it sounds like a lot more WORK to me! ha!) It sits up on a hill in Franklin County that boasts beautiful views and great light.
The light is so amazing here. Golden hues at sunset to deep blues in the afternoon...
The vines reach for the light... that helps them produce the wine that fills the bottles that in turn fills the glasses...
The wine, the people, the view... and the laid-back family atmosphere keep people coming back for more. 
This place has inspired my photographs for many years and has helped teach me that patience will pay off for a great shot...
Thank you Robller... for more information here's their website:

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All photos and words by Michelle of MK Designs. DO NOT COPY/REUSE without permission. Thank you!

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