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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mark Twain National Forest

Big Piney. Ever heard of it? It's a river, a town, and what built me into who I am today. Look on the map. Big Piney, Missouri. Lots of "green" - Ft. Wood and the Mark Twain National Forest surround it.

Even though I haven't lived there since I ended the first quarter of my 4th grade year, I remember it. I revisit it. I love it. The Mark Twain National Forest is a place of refuge. Somewhere to recharge the batteries.

It holds names like "Marble Creek" and "Paddy Creek" and "Roby Lake." Deep forests, spring-fed creeks, hills and "hollers" filled with lush green trees and dotted with wildflowers.

There is a constant sweetness to the air that is often heavy with humidity in the summer, but much more crisp in the winter.

It's somewhere I love dearly and I am proud to share it with my daughter and with you... I am sharing it right here in this blog; this little celebration of how I use my camera to see the world.
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Published Winter 2013.

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