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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Blues. Cabin Fever. Dreams of Other Places.

Here in Missouri I am finding myself in yet another "Winter Funk."

I feel like all I do is eat, sleep, and avoid the cold.

Let me explain this to you: if it's 19 degrees I expect some snow with that so we can DO SOMETHING on a sled, etc. BUT - NO SNOW again this winter.

Just dry. And the weather has been a yo-yo with temperature gains and drops.

It just has me dreaming of other places, times, and temperatures... of moments such as these:

The first blooms on the tree in my front yard in Union, MO.

The suprise of finding a place like this in America!
Burney Falls in Northern, CA.
Just took my breath away.

The view of a farm near Trealor, MO as the sun slipped away
on a lovely September night as I killed a little
time till I got to pick up my daughter from a birthday party.

The view of the never-ending hills and mountains
from Mount Shasta in Northern California.

Haystack. Oregon Coast. Something that never
gets old. I have seen this 3 times now and I
eagerly await my 4th!

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Published Winter 2013.

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