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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Honesty and Friendship...and Rest Peacefully Kayla Mueller

It's a bizarre feeling to know that someone deeply values your thoughts. ((Not those filtered thoughts that are safe, but your true raw inner thoughts.)) 

Over the years I have been accused of being too honest, of not using my filter enough, of having too strong of an opinion. 

However, in the past year and even in the past few hours... those accusations haven't been filled with hostility. They are filled with gratitude. 

The truth is this: real friends SHOULD be able to tell the truth even when the truth isn't necessarily uplifting. Our world is too full of "yes" people - individuals who will just tell you what they think you want to hear, not what you need to hear. 
I am humbled that tonight was one of those instances where someone sought me out because they knew I wasn't going to feed them a line of BS, but tell them what I really think of a really crappy situation they have been dealing with. 

We all need friends like that in our lives. Tell the truth, not just a bunch of candy-coated lies. I am honored I get to be that friend for a few people. I am thankful for the friends I have who do that for me. (Jen! Terri! Kris! Christie! Ty! and a few more) 

Am I wise? No. I really feel any "wisdom" I have gained isn't that great. 

Have I had all these "life experiences" that you read about in books? Maybe a few, but not that many in comparison to others. 

However, I do have a compassionate heart and the willingness to say, "God, use me... Let me be what it is you want me to be in this world."
Tonight I find myself praying for my friend(s) in need, as well as family of Kayla Jean Mueller. Don't know who she is? Educate yourself.  Here:

In Kayla's memory.... and also in dedication to a dear friend who is in need of a rest from a lot of troubles lately:


  1. Great blog!! Friends that tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear are the best friends to have. Sometimes you need to hear you are awesome forget those idiots. And sometimes you need to hear you are the idiot. :)