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Sunday, January 31, 2016

My January Journey: not so much in miles, but in experiences...

Part One: A continuation of my New Year's Goals for 2016

Cooking. Watching. Reading. Finishing. Uplifting. Expanding. 

Cooking. Thanks to the power of Facebook shares, I saw a recipe from Chelsea's Messy Apron for Chicken Enchilada Chili. I tried it. I even added my own flair to it. I really, really, and I stress REALLY like it. I had some just again today for a late lunch and it reheats beautifully! 

Watching. Tracks. I decided to Google search movies on Netflix about Photography and/or National Geographic Photographers. Tracks came up in my search and once I saw the plot line was a bit of a twist on WILD and A WALK IN THE WOODS based on a true story set in Australia, I was interested. Then, when I saw the leading lady was an actress I really enjoyed in the new Alice in Wonderland series, and that the photographer is played by Emo Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver, I knew it was a must watch. And, I was right. GREAT FILM! This Netflix treasure is one not to miss! I may even put it on my "rotation" of movies, so I can revisit it for fun. (Had to steal my friend Juli's term there. She often mentions movies in her "rotation.")

Reading. When I went to visit my friend, Travis, in Dallas (blog linkhe was game to tour Southfork Ranch to live out a bucket list item I had. I have to admit, I loved the TV series and the cast. Larry Hagman remains one of my favorite characters, as well as someone I also knew from I Dream of Jeannie. When I saw his autobiography "Hello Darling" in the gift shop, I knew I had found my new book. I started reading it this past week and I love it so far. This man lived a very unique life! 

Finishing. I am still attempting to make sense of the mosiac project I mentioned in the last blog post, but I also picked up my journal of thoughts, quotes, scribbles, and doodles I enjoy. I am not sure why I put it down. Maybe I let the digital world supercede the analog world, which is something I need to fix. It's liberating to just doodle thoughts and quotes, to tape cut outs from magazines, and more. Tangible is good. 

Uplifting. I have been on a big run of writing letters of recommendation, nominating people for awards, and of all things...I gave my buddy a birthday card this January. I bought her a birthday card, a funny inspirational book called Tweet Talkin' and a few other things. Apparently, I was the only REAL birthday card (on paper!) she got. What!? Oh, my! See above: tangible is good

Expanding. I am trying to think of ways to put my knowledge and gifts to use after I retire from teaching. I used to just dream of living in a camper van and being a vagabond with a nice home base in Missouri, but now I feel like that would sustain me only so long. I need to give. I need to do things for others. I have an idea formulating that I am researching, and will write about later. However, I can say this: this weekend my socially awkward self made herself say yes to things. I invited someone out on Friday night that I haven't had a chance to really visit with for a long time. She and I had a good time (I think). Then, Saturday night, some people I know from Facebook who are chronic campers took advantage of the weather and camped at a state park near me. I went. It was AWESOME fun. I think I'd do it again. Camping in groups isn't that bad, afterall! Maybe next time I'll toss out a big invite and see who all comes! 

Part Two: A few images from the past few weeks that make me smile... 

Murphy is my #1 snuggle buddy. He's on a quilt my mom made me for my birthday. That's just the underside of it. I need to photograph the top of it sooner than later! 
Unseasonably warm last weekend of Jan? I'll take it!  
Murphy. Just because I love Murphy. 
My pop is so gifted! He made me this for my 42nd Birthday. My mom made me a beautiful quilt that I need to photograph soon, too. I love TANGIBLE things from the heart, don't you?
Karlene and I attended our first WinterJam. It was very uplifting!

Until next time, 
M of MK Designs


  1. I've been cutting and pasting magazine cut-outs, too! Love doing that :)

  2. Sorry, my first attempt at commenting failed.
    Thanks for sharing. As a retired teacher myself I can assure you you will have more opportunities than you can imagine. Retired life is amazing!

    1. You are my winner! Please inbox me on facebook or comment on my photo page!

  3. Good read. I would like to visit Southfork too. Should have gone when Stacey was living in Commerce but didn't because visiting time took priority. Perhaps sometime. Loved, loved ,loved watching DALLAS! On another note, I am so happy Murphy came home to you and K. He looks content and happy in your pics. Your parents are so talented! Wonderful gifts to cherish, have a fabulous February!

  4. Good read. I would like to visit Southfork too. Loved watching Dallas and looking at your pics from your trip. Always enjoy your pics, blog and posts.
    You have very talented parents. Beautiful birthday gifts to cherish. Have a fabulous February!