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Monday, January 14, 2019

Habits Can Lead to Big Changes

In just a few days I will be 45. 

More often than not these days, I find myself wondering if I am who I want to be? In many ways I am, but in others I have not lived up to the standards I have set for myself. 

Yearly, I share my goals on this blog to help guide me through the days, weeks, and months. They help me focus on outcomes that, to be honest, are sometimes pretty fleeting. With that said, I think there are small tasks that I need to make habits. By doing so, who I want to be will be more in tune with who I actually am.

I believe in the power of creating habits, even though I do struggle with self-discipline. I can see that "mountain" in front of me, but can't seem to put one foot in front of the other to reach the peak. I know I am not alone, that's why we love those roads to drive up the mountain. It's quicker and less painful!
Over the last year, I went from someone who had a "fun" savings account to a person who was saving for a rainy day. Now that I have developed the monthly habit of paying my savings account and making an extra payment towards the principal on my house loan, I don't even question doing it. Sometimes I even go a little wild and do it twice a month!

What if I can take that mentality and apply it to the little things -- those little things that can become so habitual I don't even think about it? Just like with a savings account, $100 can over time and discipline become $10,000 or more! 

I think it's possible. And, as small as some of these habits may seem, I know they will help me be the "ME I WANT TO BE" as I enter my 45th year on planet Earth. 

#1. Drink more water. May sound silly, but I struggle. This past August I started being more mindful about water intake. It is a true work in progress. 

#2. Continue to do daily devotionals and prayers with my daughter. This habit has been ongoing and one that I do not want to cease.

#3. Floss at least 3 times a week. Right now I floss like a maniac when a dental appointment is near. I have to fix this. 

#4. This blog -- quit neglecting it! 

#5. My photography -- create new content at least twice a month.

#6. Send a messages electronically or via snail mail to loved ones to let them know they are valued.

#7. Practice more prayer and meditation to quiet my mind before bedtime.

#8. Continue to stash $ in savings and apply extra $ towards the principal on my house loan monthly.

#9. Don't miss church. I have no excuse to these days because I have recently found an online church that I enjoy as well as the fact I have gotten better at trying new churches when one I am attending isn't meeting my/our needs. 

I think by making these things habits, I will see changes within myself and in my life that will be rewarding on many levels and those rewards won't be temporary. 

Until next time,
M of MK Designs 

PS Enjoy this lovely image from Fall 2018 at Robertsville State Park. I enjoyed this moment and am glad I captured it. 

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