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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Taking Inventory of 2018: Accountability, Goals (Written and Unwritten), and More!

Sticking with my mantra of accountability, it's time to update the blog! 

So, did my 2018 Goals fly or crash? Let's find out!

(Click HERE if you would like to see them in full.) 

Continue blessing our Compassion International child, Beatrice. 

Have a backbone. 
Do not put up with bullies. 
Be strong and courageous, as it says in Joshua 1:9. 
Do all those things to be a better example to my daughter. 
I reviewed this with my friend a few days ago. 
She thinks I did pretty well. 
I believe I can do better. 
Remember that I do not walk through challenges alone. 
This was also based on Joshua 1:9. 

Be kinder to those who are kind to me. 
Be kinder to myself. 

Read More. Write More. 
I read a few great books, but not as many as I wished to. 
Writing really slacked in 2018. 
I stayed on track with my deadlines for River Hills Traveler,, and JEA Digital Media
When it came to writing for ME, aka for MK Designs, I bombed!  

Don't enter art shows and have work in a "gallery" to validate myself as an artist. Do it when I feel compelled to, and only if I have the time. 
SUCCESS! This was a HUGE leap for me in 2018! 

SIDE NOTE: One of the few shows I entered, I actually WON! 
Maybe that's a sign to only enter ones I can really FOCUS on. 
Find some plant-based foods that don't make me gag. 
By August I gave up. 
I felt like I was wasting time, energy, and money on stuff that just made me sick to my stomach. 
I will keep trying to find a way to sneak more veggies and fruits into my diet, but vegetarian/vegan, I am not. 
Just look at that steak I grilled! 
With all that said, I now want to focus on the goals I accomplished that I didn't write down. Those are some ones that I am exceptionally proud of. 

In my personal life, there were some serious changes. Those changes drove me to save, save, save. I am not just saving for a rainy day, but for a storm that could be coming at any second. 
On a whim, I bought a book and took a lettering class! 
I enjoyed it and hope to do more things like this in the future!
I photographed some beautiful souls. 
I think I did some of my best portrait work in ages. 
Granted, I don't have a line of people begging me to take their photos, but I have had some people tell me they WISHED they'd booked with me once they saw their typical run-of-the-mill portraits compared to my work. 
I am willing to try new places, various lighting techniques, and even a smoke bomb or four!
I branched out and did some work with babies, moms-to-be, and even a wedding in San Diego!
I think because I do not take on a TON of clients, that helps me focus on attention to detail. It also helps me find new ways to approach subjects that have been photographed many times in their lives. 
The work I did for people in 2018 is work that I am very proud of. I feel it helped me grow more in the area of portrait photography. 
We got a turtle. 
Yep. Even though I said I never wanted one.
While getting a pet turtle was far from a goal, it has become my goal to keep that turtle alive! 
My daughter loves Sparky and I do, too. 
You can even find him on Instagram. Click HERE

It's also come to my attention that I am at my happiest when I see others succeed. When I can help elevate people to a level they didn't expect to reach, that's amazing. 
I don't want to bask in their glory. I just like standing to the side and cheering them on once they've reached their goals. 
Maybe that is why teaching is such a blessing in my life and has been for over two decades. 
Also, I have to toss in the fact that we found a dumped cat on a hiking trail, fostered it for over 20 days, and saved its life. 

"Vladi" is now living a dream life of being a VERY SPOILED boy with his new family. (Nope, we didn't keep him. We already have three cats and a turtle, folks!) I plan to share more about this experience soon!

While I ponder what to goals to commit to in 2019, I hope that this post finds you content, blessed, and at ease. 
I recently heard a message that I connected with deeply. I have taken the liberty to elaborate upon it as a post on my Instagram and Facebook. I will leave that with you today.

I am hopeful your 2018 was a good one, and look forward to sharing more blog posts with my thoughts and photography with you in 2019! 
M of MK Designs Photography: Fine Art and Portrait.
January 1, 2019. 

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