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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer 2014 Blogger Challenge #21, #22... Stories & Laughter... and technology rant!

First up, the technology rant. 

Pardon the break in blogging, I was out of the state and no computer handy... which is FINE by me! 

As much as I love the chances to blog, edit photos, share, create video clips, etc... there are days I am ready to throw my phone out the window and sell all computer equipment. 

Me. Feeling a little OVERWHELMED! I like this image!

Lately, I have even been considering disabling my personal facebook and only doing my biz pages... but odds are I won't. 

I am thinking of keeping the personal facebook page, but not using it for several days... maybe even weeks...  

Sometimes a break from it is good. Why? Two big reasons. 

#1. So addictive. TIME SUCKER! 

#2. Facebook people (including myself!) are kinda crazy. 

I prefer some nachos and a limerita over the popcorn to be honest!

OK, maybe that's harsh, but I swear - the rollercoaster facebook drama gets a bit odd... and it shows how people have such wacked priorities. 

I follow the NEWS / subscribe to lots of outlets on twitter. Bombs, illnesses, death, poverty, etc. - yes, all SAD, but it puts life in perspective. Makes not getting a date or the right job seem trivial. 

Now back to the BLOGGER CHALLENGE! 

...and now back to our scheduled programming...

#21. My favorite story. I am going to shorten it and put it in my own words. 

Back in the day people were often stoned to death for doing bad things. This lady did a big NO NO in that she partcipated in ADULTERY (ya know, messing around when married) and she got caught. So, people are going to stone her to death... they look to their religious leader for his approval to kill her. Know what the guy says? He says, "OK, the first person in this group who has never done wrong, who has never sinned, you throw the first stone..." Guess what? No one does. They all walk away. She's shocked. He tells her he isn't going to punish her, but forgive her... and encourages her to live a better life and try not to sin anymore. 

I love that story. :-)

#22. Laughter. SO MANY THINGS MAKE ME LAUGH. I love a good joke, a good pun, a good comedian. The list is too long to compose here, but here's a few images that can sum it up a bit. 

Until next time, thank you for reading and checking out my blog! 
~ MK Designs - August 2014 

PS and, none of these are my images... but my words... ;-)
I'll get back to MY images in the next blogger challenge entry! 

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