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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer 2014 Blogger Challenge #20... Daydream.

#20. Daydream...

Funny thing about Daydreams, I have them OFTEN.

Most of my life I feel I have spent in several places at once. 

Started at a young age, too. Teachers telling me to focus, when most the time even though my head was elsewhere, I was listening to darn near everything happening in the room. 
Took this image near Lassen National Park in Northern CA. This sums up how I feel often. Just dreaming. Looking out towards the sky. Seeing what is on the horizon. 
My daydreaming REALLY ticked off a HS teacher when I ended up spending most of her class daydreaming, doodling, and napping... then finishing the semester with the highest percentage in the class and getting the "medal" at the awards day. (Sorry, it was SO BORING, and one of the ONLY classes I ever slept in!) 

Note: the medal was really just this goofy little pin for a letterjacket. ;-)

She was so angry, she gave a second medal to the runner up (who is currently my facebook friend, lol) because she "tried harder" than I did. (That's the riot act she read me alone in a room, AFTER the ceremony... letting me know she only awarded me because she "had" to, not because I "deserved" it.)

The thing is, even though I feel like so much of my life has been spent daydreaming, I do not feel it is wasted because OFTEN I am in the present even though I live in this duality and am in two or three places at once in my mind. 

I think it helped my creativity. It helped me set attainable goals. I think many of my daydreams have became reality... and will continue to in the future.  

So the other day, I had a very specific daydream as I walked the Katy Trail near Dutzow clicking pics. 
I took this in Mexico Beach, Florida & edited it in Missouri. It can belong to you, if you want it! Contact me about how to order this image, or any image you see that I have created. 

I thought, "What if I walked all the way to Marthasville... what if I had a backpack on my back with a tent and water and snacks... what if I had people on call along the trail to get me when my legs can go no more..." and the daydream was born. 

I could picture myself a little older (early 50s) and retired walking the Katy Trail as long as my heart, wallet, legs, and desire could take me... with people on high alert to come get me when I could do no more. 
Hermann, Missouri. Photo by me! :-) 
My daydream had me walking from Dutzow to Hermann... over a few days because even though my spirit is willing my chunky body ain't so into it. 

Then, after a break, my daydream took me from Hermann to Portland (Missouri). 

It was a lovely daydream that helped me lose track of the miles and nearly 2 hours I was on the trail in reality. 

Wonder if one day if that daydream will become my reality, or if I'll just be scolded by someone for having it? 

Until next time, 

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