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Saturday, March 21, 2015


"Have you been able to rest at all? If you need help, I can probably pack up my things and come up."

Now, that's a friend. 

I'll get back to that soon, but let's rewind to the beginning.

Sunday my week started pretty awesome, or so I thought. FaceTime, in real life no less, with someone I view as an interesting part of my life's landscape for almost two decades, a beautiful sunset once I got home, and dinner with flowers from another newer friend...she was wanting to spoil me a bit. She's known for going above and beyond for others. 
Flowers from T.
Playing with Zoom & Twist with that amazing sunset in my backyard!

The week seemed to he starting off fairly grand, but we know grand can change in a snap.

If I give my days a report card for Mon-Fri, this is how it goes:

Mon: C+
Tues: D+
Wed: F
Thurs: D
Fri: F

That report card would get ya grounded, eh? And, it did for me! Grounded in many ways.

Grounded to my house sick as can be most of the week.

Grounded in that I am once again reminded that "time marches on" and it stops for nobody.

Grounded in knowing that my #1. priority needs to be Faith - which has been a little rocky this month...that way I can focus (with His help) on parenting/raising my daughter to reach her true potential (which is a challenge). 
A little walk in Robertsville State Park two weeks ago.
Grounded in knowing the fragility of life and our time here. Yes, Michelle, it's time to stop delaying satisfaction. Not that I need to go blow thousands of dollars or follow Dave Grohl on the road (that's extreme), but I guiltily admit my camera body is outdated. Very outdated. I finally ordered a new one so my work will continue to grow. That's one example of an itch I plan to scratch this year. 
I am so bad at parting with $, but it's time!
PS The camera bag I got for it is AMAZING (and so me).
Grounded in saying enough is enough with the buzzing & dinging of personal Facebook notifications on my phone. Buzz buzz. Ding Ding. I deleted my personal FB app (kept biz pages & messenger) off my phone. I have to log into a web browser to see it now. Now I can nap, listen to tunes I stream through my phone to my speaker system, have a conversation on my phone, etc - without Facebook personal push notifications distracting the hell out of me. I may add the app back when I travel from time to time for ease, but I am not missing it so far.
Oh, and grounded in that I am reminded of who my real friends are. Ya know, not the flirty playful constant jokesters who entertain me, but the ones like Kris who takes care of kids all day, as well as her family, who sent me this message...

"Have you been able to rest at all? If you need help, I can probably pack up my things and come up."
Kris may kill me for this scanned photo from college days! 
Thank you, Kris. It's not that bad you gotta haul it here from Columbia, Mo. That you'd do that for me means so much. Luckily, I got Terri and Tyann bringing me bland food, medicine, Gatorade, etc. 

That's what friends do, right? Keep you grounded, even when your grade card for the week was atrocious. 

Oh, and the F on Friday was capped off with a wonderful sunset. As long as I still notice the sunsets, I know that I am ok. :) 
Friday's "F" day, ended with an A sunset! 
Signing off for now... while still slightly grounded in Missouri listening to the Soul Patrol on Planet Radio as I compose this first draft of this blog post (note: you'll see a revision!)... 

Much love, ~M

PS Enjoy this: 

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