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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trouble...falls like rain...

Less art, nature, and photography today... Instead more "life" today. 

I am one of those people who has to really work hard at being positive. It doesn't come to me naturally...neither did riding a bike, running, or swimming. Unlike those physical endeavors, I haven't given up (yet) on the mental exercise of positivity. 
Yet, in the present moment, I am seriously struggling. 2015 has, lack for a better word, been shitty.

Watching ones you love struggle wears on the mind, and the body.

In just the last month I've had a horrid virus (flu-like) and now my allergies are at an all-time high (thank you Missouri pollen). I am physically drained. 
I did however decide to attempt to walk more, and partake less calorie-laden boozy beverages recently. My two-week experiment made an 8 pound difference on the scale. Maybe I'll keep it up and try to be a bit of a better person longer than two weeks?
Lately, I find myself learning more and more about Autism, Aspergers, Behavioral & Emotional Disorders, as well as how insurance companies work (or do not) for said issues. 

I'm also learning more about the aging, and how perhaps "Right to Die" activists are on to something. Death with dignity for humans and not just our pets? Hmmmm? 
As for the single life, as much as I enjoy it - I have to admit it flat out sucks not having anyone to celebrate accomplishments with, or to go hand me a cough drop when the pollen becomes too much. All though I am not sure I've ever really had that with any significant other, being "supported" tends to land a lot on my own shoulders in and out of a relationship.
I am hopeful that soon, very soon, 2015 sucks a lot less. Maybe come May 1st? Or Maybe "Come Monday" as my friend Jimmy sings.
On a positive note: 
...the new camera body seems to be working like a dream!
...Eddie Vedder and Van Morrison have helped me sleep better these days. 
...I had a senior session last night and the light was wonderful.
...I am going on a "dream trip" this summer (for me) to Yellowstone and the Tetons! WooHoo! 

Until next time...

~ M

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