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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Inspiration and a Clean Camera: an Afternoon Spent on MDC lands and Country Roads is NEVER a Waste of Time!

I have lacked inspiration to do much with photography lately. 

Yes, I have still been shooting and writing articles and entering shows, but I've had to drag myself through the process. 

This afternoon felt different. 

The air felt lighter, the sky was blue... around 2:30pm I was (dare I say) PERKY.
My daughter is the one who suggested the drive to MDC lands. I grabbed my recently-cleaned camera (thanks to Creve Coeur Camera) and decided it was time to give it a test run. 

The weather was perfect and my heart felt pretty light once we were on the road. 

We made our way 14 miles south of our home in Union, MO to Chouteau Claim Access. It is where the Bourbeuse River and the Meramec River meet. Karlene and I saw many people out enjoying the day, but it was the scenery that stole the show. 

After we finished exploring, we decided to drive 5 more miles to River 'Round Conservation Area. This is a unique area on the Meramec when viewed on a map. Its name makes perfect sense. 

We explored some areas near the river. I was still inspired to shoot. These are a few of my favorites from that spot:

As we were driving out of the area, we saw an old road that is now a foot trail that we want to go explore at a later date (preferably not during deer season). 

Overall, the afternoon was an enjoyable one. We had dinner in Union and even stopped by the Union Access on our way home. It was a quick stop and our third MDC land of the afternoon. I left my camera behind for that moment and instantly saw some sights that made me regret not having it. 

Creative slumps, feeling down in the dumps, and overall just unmotivated is NOT a fun way to be. I am thankful for this afternoon's burst of inspiration and energy. It has me thinking of one of my favorite verses:
Until next time,
M of MK Designs

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