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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Light... Glorious Light.

A camera captures light. Seems simple enough... but think about light... all the different types and kinds... Do you think about light? I do. Constantly. Light can be cold and you the "cold shoulder."
Light can be warm and invite you into her beautiful embrace...
Light can set the sky on fire...
Light can help you literally feel God's grace...
It's impossible to be a photographer of any sort without studying light. I believe that is where all my classes went wrong when I studied photography in college... we did not study LIGHT nearly enough. That is why it's such a fundemental building block of all the photo courses I teach. Any one can have a camera, but that doesn't make them a photographer or artist... the understanding and appreciation for light is what leads us down the path to understanding what art and photography is all about.
All photographs and words by Michelle of MK Designs.

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