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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Building a Following, SALES?!, Real Men, and Holiday Scenes!

What was once post views of maybe 20 to 50 (on a good day), my blog is picking up some readership in 2014 with several entries hitting over 100 reads/views. 

My top 5 posts so far in 2014 are these entries:

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In an effort to perhaps make a little more "green" on the artwork... I am attempting a cafepress site/store: and also trying to take part in Small Biz Saturday at my friend's shop in town. 
Lately, I have been thinking about men. What makes a man "real" in my eyes? Sometimes it seems my blog posts where I open my heart are the ones you guys seem to like most... so maybe this will appeal to you, offend you, or neither... but here goes...
My stepdad. He's a real man. 
He provides, cares for, and loves us. 
He's a wonderful grandpa to my daughter. 
He turns the lights on when he knows it's dark and I am on my way. 
He doesn't want me (or anyone) to trip in the dark. 
If something needs fixed, he finds a way to help. 
If you need a hug, he's quick to do so. 
That's a real man.

My friend Kris' husband Matt. 
The longer they are married, and especially now they are parents, I see what a great man he is. 
He will take off work in the middle of the day to help Kris out if someone calls in sick to work at her home daycare. 
He gladly holds Ryan and tells Kris and I to "go have fun" when I am there to visit. 
The love he has for his wife and their son is so evident. 
He's indeed a real man in my eyes.

Those are just two examples. Yet, I know many more. 
~ Curt who loves his wife and being called "Grampi" by his grandbaby Emily just melts my heart. I've never seen a guy so in love with his family, or have I? ;-)

~ My friend at work... her husband openly encouraged her to take back the name of her children when their father (her ex-husband) passed away too soon. Incredibly kind and unselfish. I know many a man who would expect his wife to have "his" name, often pouting as they say so. (Yes, I have personally witnessed a few men pitch a fit when they have a woman express they want their own name.) 

~ Another friend at work... he will bend over backwards to make sure his wife and 3 daughters are happy... sometimes to the point I worry he's not taking care of himself enough, but yet he does it. 

~ I know a man (from my 'day job') who fell in love with his wife when he couldn't even drive a car yet. Decades, many years of marriage, and 2 kids later, he's still just as crazy about that woman. 
I could go on and on. 

What makes a man real? He provides, loves, cares... Similar to what I believe makes a woman real. 

Love. It looks good on so many people. 

Selfishness, lies, cheating and "mooching" never look good on any man (or woman), yet I know too many who fit that mold, too. (WAY too many!) And, they make no effort to break free of that mold and be clothed in love. 

The thing is, I know MANY real men are out there... maybe one day one will be more than my friend or relative and actually want to date me, eh? lol (Not holding my breath.)

Miss K (my daughter) and I got our downstairs ready for the Holidays. Enjoy some scenes from our home... May your December be brilliant and beautiful! 

And... remember the reason for the season, my friends! 

I think Zoey enjoyed "homework" while we decorated!
My daughter's backpack and book report aka
"quilt" must have really set the stage for a nap!
~ Love, Michelle of MK Designs Photography 
Christmas Season 2014 

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