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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Magnolia State of Mind...Part One

I had to get away. 
- The fall semester was long and challenging this school year.
- My windowless classroom and endless run of days without seeing the sun was making me insane.
- Too many days I'd step outside and my face hurt from the sting of the cold Missouri air. 
- Simply put, I was coming undone!

So, I did what any logical gal would do and looked at when I had a chance to get in "Betty" and drive south. What route could I do in a day and get to warmer weather? Where could I change my latitude and attitude as Jimmy sings? 

B I N G O - Answer found! 
Google Map is dangerously fun! 
Mississippi is what the doctor ordered. If anything could cure my funk and tame my wanderlust, the Magnolia State sure could... and guess what? It did! 

I found a great deal (amazing winter rates!) on a home in Gulfport, MS and my mom was on board with the plan for a little weekend trip away. We left Missouri the Friday morning after Christmas and was in Gulfport, MS that evening. 
Vacation Home front room
My bedroom (mom had her own). Since it was just me, I took the lower bunk! ha!
On the beach night one. Windy and in the 60s! 
Saturday, it was rainy (warm!). After sleeping in a bit and enjoying the house, we hit Hwy 90 along the Gulf and headed east. We went as far as Ocean Springs, MS. Found great Mexican food and Gulf Islands National Seashore. I have been to the visitor area near Destin, FL... but not to this one in the Davis Bayou area of MS yet. It was beautiful.
I was a bit annoyed that I didn't see any gators except artist renditions when we'd walk around the area. However, one may think that's a good thing and not an annoyance!

P.S. Beyond Davis Bayou... I'd like to add that Ocean Springs, MS overall was beautiful. Charming. Artistic. A place I'd love to see again. 

Elizabeth Veglia created a series of these BEAUTIFUL pieces in the park.
In honor of the city... and its rebirth after Hurricane Katrina.
Now, how about Biloxi? Lots of casinos... a very cool visitor center, lighthouse, and pier. I am sure there's "charm" to be found there, but for the most part, seemed a bit "neon" to me. I need to revisit and go off the beaten path more to find that charm. 
One place that did surprise me with "charm" that we toured in Biloxi on Saturday was Beauvoir. 

This is the last home of Jefferson Davis and his presidential library and gardens and confederate cemetery and home to some former circus animals. I know that is a lot of ands. There was a lot going on here. 
How many of you have seen a camel in the fog at dusk in the middle of a confederate cemetery? I have. My mom has, too. So did the couple on our tour. Sadly, I wasn't able to click a picture that has said camel in it. I do have to wonder about it all. I think a fence to keep the critter off the cemetery is in order. 

After that leg of the adventure we found Po'Boys at the Harbor View Cafe in Long Beach, MS. I got shrimp and mom got catfish. They gave me so much shrimp, I felt some envious glances from across the table. Don't let it be said only children do not share because this time I gave mom a few. 

The long day out was rewarding. As I snuggled in at the house to work on school work (gotta love work laptops!) and other items, I was pretty amped about what Sunday had in store... and THAT will be shared in another blog entry. :-)

Until next time,
Michelle... the M of MK Designs.

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