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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Purrfect Sunday: Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Today I woke up and I checked the weather app on my phone and realized (as Patches was snoozing on my chest) this could be a Purrfect Sunday! (especially since no alarm clock screamed at me to wake up too early, ha!)

Based on things that I have seen via Camping Missouri via the facebook page and blog ( I just knew needed to do Young Conservation Area. My heart was set on it. 

I also knew that to avoid the situation at LaBarque Creek Conservation Area, I needed to leave early enough to not end up on a night hike. (Remember this blog entry?

I also decided to go out on a limb and invite someone along, a nice man that I finally met for dinner on Saturday night who actually lives on the way to Young CA. 

He asked when I'd have a window open to go out again, and I thought to myself, "If he can tromp around the woods with me, why not? Today is the day!" 

Breakfast, mapping, plotting, and breaking it to Patches she had to move...
Picked up my hiking partner on the way, and we got to Young CA... only to see the trail isn't clearly marked and this "bridge" on the map was something we couldn't find.  I want to try to go to again another time, but this trip it just wasn't working out. 
We did notice the brown sign just a hop down the road for Glassberg Conservation Area, so we tried this spot. 

The trail was very well marked and I could tell a lot of work has been done in the area. 

We met a couple near the start that said the trail now looped and the scenic overlook was worth it. So, we did it. Huffing and puffing and stopping at times, we made the full loop. 

For sure this was one of those "worth it" experiences. Just beautiful views, a lake that holds potential for a fishing trip, and more. 

The trip was great. 
- Took advantage of spring-like weather after weeks of grey & cold skies.
- Got to know someone a lot better than just sitting at a noisy restaurant. 
- Discovered a beautiful place close to home I hope to revisit again and again.
- Once again was amazed by how beautiful our state is. 
- Happy to meet so many people out in the woods today. Loved petting a pooch who was celebrating his second birthday.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Get Outside. Fresh air clears the lungs and the mind. It's good for the soul. So happy today was a Purrfect Sunday. 

Now, a few more things to do and then I think I have to pet Patches a lot before bedtime. She seems to have missed me. 

For more information about this special spot, go here:

Thanks for reading.
Until next time, 
Michelle of MK Designs
December 2014


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    1. You and your facebook posts and blogs etc get me motivated and in trouble sometimes. LUCKILY no rain today and we ended the walk just as the sun was setting. WHEW! This place was LOVELY. Just loved it. Now, Young CA, I couldn't figure out. Felt slightly dumb! lol