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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Craving, Loving, Creating, Reconnecting, Fearing... YOU GET THE PICTURE!? :-)

Note: I am borrowing a bit of an idea from Olive and Ash Studio for this blog entry: and making it a little more personal this time.

See that image above? As much as I am loving all that I am accomplishing and seeing this Summer, I am in desperate need for a day of "nothing."

CRAVING seclusion and being alone in my house for 24 hours, or sitting with my toes in a creek for several hours with the added bonus of ZERO CELL RECEPTION.

It's not that I don't love people, it's that the older I get the more "drained" I feel at times from constant interaction. Is it normal? Is it one of my quirks? I am not sure.

Let's just say my buddy Tyann is soooo lucky I answered the phone for her today! Ha! Speaking of Tyann... I am LOVING this:
She knows me well. My dad often makes Lic Plate Art Signs and when she saw this keychain in Colorado she purchased it for me. What a great gift! PS If you want to know more about what she does, check out her stellar-cool-updated website:

The photos of Tyann on her website were taken by a mutal friend of our's named Slava.

RECONNECTING with Slava. This week, despite my urge to hole up like a turtle in her shell, I met up with Slava of for lunch at Blue Duck in Washington, Mo. I am glad we did. She's always such a positive person to be near and did I mention the food?
They have the BEST mushroom soup, and more. I don't get there often, but it seems like when I do - it's with Slava. Here's more info about this great place in downtown WashMo with river views:

This summer is hectic. However, I feel like it's been not only "productive" but important in that now my kiddo is 10, I am trying to soak up as much time with her before she hits the teen years. I am not sure why... but if I had to do a FEARING... part of this blog... it would be FEARING my daughter not wanting to spend much time with me when she's a teenager.
Crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry from KY to MO in June. 
I remember myself as a teen.

Did I appreciate my mom and the things she knew?

I can safely say not nearly enough. I was rotten.

Was I as rotten as some other kids I have known and currently know? Maybe not, but for "me" - I RELECT and think, "What a rotten teen you were to your mom, Michelle!"

I am sure I gave her fits even if she didn't show it publically. So, today when I can do cool things like "date nights" with my mom and see Lily Tomlin with her, I do it. Gladly.
OVERCOMING fear is hard. While I have no control over how Karlene will choose to act towards me as a teen, I can say this summer she and I not only faced my fear on that riverboat ferry pictured above, but more.

She talked herself out of potential regret and did this two-story slide in Union City, TN at I am so happy I clicked a pic with my phone just as she hit the ground in a moment of joy!
On the other hand, I am NOT cool with snakes...but when I found a non-poisonous one about to die tangled up in the netting that holds in my hill near my house... I grabbed some scissors and after 20 minutes he was free.
Well, I have to be honest... CREATING isn't just about photography here at our house. We entered the local library's bookmark contest again this summer. My daughter and I both won in our age groups last year. We will see what this year holds.
EXPLORING For so many years I have wanted to see Big Oak Tree State Park in Mo. On the way back from our family vacation in Tennessee, we did just that. 
The humidity was out of control, so we only did one of the walks there, but it was worth it. There will be a blog post about Tennessee and this special park in Missouri soon, too. For now, learn more about Big Oak Tree here:

For now I am going to leave you with this image of my kiddo at Big Oak Tree, and let you know more blog posts about more specific photo adventures are coming soon... I also want to thank you for your support of my work. It means so much to me.


  1. Thanks for the mention! And you are a better person than I would have been with that SNAKE!

    1. My kiddo woulda been disappointed in me & it was suffering... I made sure I was careful & it was not poisonous first - once free it bolted for the woods! Thanks for reading & your support :)