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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer 2014 Blogger Challenge #17, #18, #19: I am good at... Best Book EVER.. & the Weather

#17. I feel odd listing what I think I am really good at. So, I stepped outside of "my thoughts" and asked some people who know me what they think.

G. S. - She's known me for a couple of years. One of my newer friends. We work on "Experience Union" together and both enjoy Photography & being moms. She says this is what I am good at... 

- making people laugh 
- photography (duh! I know that's a cheating answer)  
- leading/leadership
- exploring
- looking at things and situations from different perspectives
- encouraging others

K. J. - She's known me since I was in middle school. In fact she was my English teacher "back in the day" but she was so YOUNG! Just a baby out of college! I really respect her, so when I asked her what I was good at and this was her response, I was very humbled. 

First and foremost, you a great at being a mom. 
You are great being a teacher and a mentor. 
You are good at photography. 
You are honest and faith-filled.

R.R. - He's known me a long time, but before we met, I loved listening to him on the radio. During my first years of teaching broadcast, I was contacting any and every person I could. He was kind enough to guest speak to my students for several years... and we've kept in touch. I still listen to him when I can on Planet Radio.

A man of many words, he actually kept it simple when I asked him what I was good at... 

Melding young minds. 
Being a mother. 
Being a hottie.

#18. Best Book Ever. 

#19. Weather! 

Goodness, what an amazing summer! 

I mean, usually by this point we are a hot mess here in Missouri and lately it's back to unseasonably cool temps that I live for. 

Windows open. 
Fans on. 
AC off. 
Electric bill NOT suffering. 

I went for a walk on the Katy Trail on the way home from seeing my friend Juli with Olive and Ash

Here are my 3 fave images from that stroll. 

I was on the trail over an hour, maybe longer! I lost track of time... it was THAT NICE outside!

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